Emergency Silver Mylar Thermal Blanket 80" X 59" Durable, Recyclable and Reusable, Reflective Blanket, Survival Blanket, Camping

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What They Are Made Of!

The original foil emergency blanket was designed by NASA to go into space; therefore, they were designed to be extremely lightweight and thin, yet effectively warm. They are made from a thin sheet of plastic called PET (polyethylene Terephthalate), and coated with a metallic reflecting agent.

How to Use Them It is worthy to note that in a survival situation, you will need to make sure that the floor that you are laying on is covered with the blanket so your body heat does not escape into the ground. Then, with another blanket, cover your body and head for maximum warmth. This is how the blankets can keep you warm in 35F weather and helps you to retain 90% of our body heat.

Best Feature

The best feature of the D.S. Jane Emergency Blanket is its size. At 3"x5" it is packaged as a compact blanket that can easily fit into a glove compartment, purse or back pack, leaving plenty of room for your more essential items. These awesome blankets are machine folded which is how they can fit into 3'x5" plastic sleeves so easily. Unless you have an industrial folding machine on hand, after use simply hand fold and store in a quart sized ziplock bag.

Good For Use As... Reflective Blanket, Camping Blanket, Rescue Blanket, Disaster Blanket, Heat Reflecting Blanket, Thermal Blanket, Insulation Blanket, Emergency Blankets for Winter, Reflective Blanket for Tanning, In your First Aid Kit.

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Reusable, Recyclable, Waterproof Camping Blanket and Windproof

An Emergency Blanket that Won't easily tear

Keeps you Warm even in 35F weather, as it retains 90% of your body heat

Adult Size Insulated Blankets

One of the BEST Survival Blankets to have on hand during a disaster

Product Information

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