Pack of 10 Large Silver Emergency Blankets, 87" by 59", MCR Medical Supply

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This multi-pack of Silver Emergency Blankets will help make sure you have one for yourself and a few extras to share with family and friends. Machine folded, they are an ultra-compact 3" by 4.5" by 3/8", but these individually packaged emergency blankets open up to a generous size of approximately 59" by 87". Most commonly used for emergency first aid and wilderness survival, these little wonders are capable of a multitude of other uses making them perfect for 72 hour and first aid kits! The blankets are a metalized plastic sheet, which can help prevent or treat hypothermia, act as a windbreaker, and can be worn as an emergency waterproof wrap. Importantly, their reflective property makes them easily seen from a distance, so use your blanket as an emergency signaling device. Since they reflect up to 90% of radiated body heat, they are also widely utilized in non-emergency situations as body wraps to keep athletes warm after a marathon or other sports activity. For these reasons, emergency blankets are indispensable and used by hikers, emergency response teams, and disaster agencies.

Helps Retain Body Heat

Lightweight and Versatile

Ultra Compact Machine Folded Design

Extra Large ANSI Compliant 87" by 59"


Product Information

Shipping Weight:1.3 pounds