Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket / Survival blanket - Emergency Blanket

Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket / Survival blanket

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Personal protection from rain, must have for any outdoor size of a deck of cards, yet when opened. Extremely lightweight and reusable - 52" x 84". Uses: Warmth - retains up to 90% of your body heat to prevent hypothermic reaction even in sub-freezing temps Protection - limits your solar exposure and deflects heat from the sun Emergency reflector - the shiny side doubles as a mirror to signal for rescue.

Single wrapped emergency blanket / survival wrap.

Great for camping, hiking, first aid kits, survival kits & disaster preparedness.

Reflects 90%+ of body heat.

Size 52" x 84"

Product Information

Packaging Size:52 x 52 x 84 inches

Item Model / Model No.:721

Shipping Weight:1.6 ounces