Grabber Outdoors The Original Space Brand Emergency Tactical-Survival Blanket- Olive-Drab/Silver

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Engineered to reflect and retain over 80% of radiated body heat. the unique combination of vacuum deposited metal and a polyester film surface allows no wind or moisture penetration. when folded, it is approximately the size of a deck of cards, but opens into a 56”x84” blanket. the original space brand blanket has been made in the usa for over 40 years. store in car, camper, boat, or gear bag in case of emergency, or use after marathons, or sporting events. available in silver/silver for general outdoor protection, silver/orange for greater air-to-ground visibility especially against snow or water backgrounds, or olive-drab/silver for tactical situations requiring a thermal emergency blanket that blends in to surroundings. waterproof and windproof, size 1”x4” folded; unfolds to 56”x84” and weighs only 3 oz. available in silver/silver, gold/silver and tactical olive-drab/silver colors.

Reflects and retains 80% of radiated body heat

Available in Silver/Silver, Gold/Silver or Olive-Drab/Silver

Store in car, camper, boat, or gear bag in case of emergency, or use after marathons or sporting events

Waterproof and windproof Weighs just 3 Ounce

Product Information

Packaging Size:84 x 1 x 56 inches

Item Model / Model No.:127011-NEW

Shipping Weight:3.2 ounces