Camping Outdoor Essential First Aid Tent Insulation Earthquake Survival Emergency Survival Shelter Simple Tent 240x150x90cm

Reference Price:$9.99


These thermal rescue blankets with biggest size in the market 7.87 Feet X 5.25

Feet and compact palm folding size. With silver color strong reflective coating which could be easily seen and found.Reduce shock, keep 90% of a body heat, dry and clean.Helps against hypothermia.A very useful survial kit for wilderness exploration,investigation, trip and any other sport outdoor activies.Everyone needs at least one in their gear.


1. Protect body from cold weather when it is emergency needed, car broken at night or at snow zone .

2. Giving SOS signal with the strong reflective coating blanket material when it is emergency.

3. Could be used as a raincoat or a rainshed.

4. Used as a shelter barrier in a hot environment.

5. A reflective blanket for your car when in direct solar situation.

6. Another warm blanket for your sleeping bag.

Perfect for camping trips sporting events and any outdoor activities.

durable space-age insulating thermal

Provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat and cold.extremely lightweight and flexible.

Made from durable space-age insulating thermal material, biggest size in the market 63 X 83 Inches.